Camera Trainee


Photo Courtesy of @morganwhitefoto 

Photo Courtesy of @morganwhitefoto 

I started working in the camera department with a position as camera trainee during a year long apprenticeship at a Brighton based video production company. After completion I wanted to branch into the freelance world to gain further experience and knowledge from skilled individuals who have already made a name for themselves in the industry. 

I pride myself on supporting the camera team in any way I can so each production runs as smoothly as possible. Whether that be staying up to date with each new development in the film industry, or implementing past experiences and lessons to solve problems as they occur. Each day I spend on set is a chance to learn and develop the skills necessary to better aid the camera team as a whole.

Jack has such a positive can-do attitude, he is reliable, always hard working, and remains calm in high pressure situations. He is an invaluable member of crew and I see him progressing extremely rapidly in this industry.
— Anouska Cope, Production Manager at Mastermind Media